Transforming the culture of birth and parenting in our community


We are an intersectional and interdisciplinary network of perinatal and parenting support professionals who are dedicated to offering a model of trauma-informed and healing-centered care in service to transforming the culture of birth and parenting in our collective communities.


We recognize the current models of perinatal and parenting support have centered profit over people, creating legacies of trauma, including maternal and infant health disparities for our black and brown families. Because we recognize perinatal trauma and the maternal and infant mortality crisis are deeply rooted in histories of systemic racism and sexism, we believe that it is the responsibility of each individual perinatal and parenting support professional to critically examine the impact of race, gender, class and power in the perinatal field, and on the experience of parenting, and to participate in trainings and communities of practice to do the work to be the change we wish to see in the perinatal field. 


Our T.R.I.pod model supports both parents and practitioners—so that no one ever has to do anything alone. In service to this we offer:

For practitioners:

  • Shared sliding scale model and solidarity fund
  • Shared marketing, website, and billing systems
  • Shared wrap-around care for clients (shared call for birth support, shared client care for integrative practitioners)
  • Professional Peer Support
  • Continuing Education, Professional Development and Training opportunities

For parents:

  • Interdisciplinary collaborations of perinatal professionals in service to holistic, trauma-informed, healing-centered perinatal and parenting support care. Parents receive access to a network of T.R.I.B.E. Trained doulas, childbirth educators, bodyworkers, mental health counselors, prenatal and postpartum yoga teachers, lactation educators, midwives, nurses, doctors, financial advisors and more
  • Peer Support Parenting Circles facilitated by T.R.I.B.E. trained facilitators
  • Childbirth Education and Parenting Resource classes
  • Integrated packages, subscriptions, resources, and products


We currently operate out of The HeArt Dayton, Gem City Market, and other community spaces around Northwest Dayton. We are working toward opening a T.R.I.B.E. Birthing Center in Dayton soon and welcome your support and donations with gratitude.

Support for Parents Support for Practitioners

What makes us trauma-informed?

All members are trained in the 6 principles of Trauma Informed Care. These principles are woven throughout our culture. We encourage each other to continue to practice and embody new ways of BEing together.

All members practice peer support. What is peer support?

All members participate and support each other in actively dismantling internalized systems of oppression and supremacy. We encourage each other towards liberation and authentic connections.

What makes us resilience-informed?

The resiliency practices that are the foundation upon which we build are healing centered, holistic practices including circles, herbs, yoga, somatics, movement, bodywork, rhythm practices, ancestral lineage and land-based healing, nutrition, communication and relational practices, intergenerational and intercultural wisdom.

We recognize that birth is a multigenerational experience. Birth doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In service to this, our educational and support offerings include all the generations—children, teens, new parents, seasoned parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, community members, etc.

Holistic Support for Parents Peer Support for Practitioners TRIBE Boutique

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