About Juniper

Hi there, I'm Juniper! I am a birth doula and motherhood photographer. My passion for birth began after I experienced two life-changing home births of my own. As I began preparing for birth, I realized that I craved a different experience than those around me. Something different than what the medical system was offering. Something sovereign, natural, and supported. As I searched, it became apparent that this kind of birth is not often talked about, shared, or made accessible. With deep gratitude, I share that the vision I held for my births manifested in that way. And it became my heart and soul's desire to help others experience this, too. So, I became a doula!

I truly believe that birth is magic. Birth is power and transformation and sacred. In my birthwork, this belief is something I feel called to share. 2022 was my first year in practice supporting births, and I've never felt so aligned in my purpose.

As I fell in love with the divine energy of the birthing space, I noticed a lot. I noticed a plethora of moments, feelings, and experiences that held such significance and worth. For these to be captured would be abundantly powerful and hold such meaning. So, I centered my 7 years of photography experience on maternity, birth, and postpartum time. Capturing these sacred moments warms my heart and brings me such gratitude. It is such an honor to be invited into any birth space, and I am so humbled to continue my role in birthwork with TRIBE.