About Liz

Hello! I have been a birth doula since 2014.  I was certified by DONA International and I am a founding member of the T.R.I.B.E. Cooperative.  As a doula I have worked with people of different ages, faiths, races, ethnicities, and birth preferences.  I have experience in unmedicated/natural births, home births, VBACs, water births, women with life trauma, medicated births, lactation support and more.  

In my own birth experiences the factor that played the biggest role for me was my doula.  The difference between having one and not having one was so great that she inspired me to become a doula.   

I grew up in Buffalo, NY and have been living in Dayton since 2009.  Aside from being a doula I love writing, filmmaking, community activism, and spending time and enjoying meals with family.  I am married and have three children.

I love supporting all women and families through pregnancy and childbirth.  But I have seen racial bias-- whether conscious or unconscious-- in the birth setting and I am particularly called to support black, brown, and disenfranchised women.  No one is free from racial bias, but as a T.R.I.B.E. doula I feel committed to anti-racism and anti-sexism and to the ongoing understanding of how implicit and explicit racism plays out within ourselves, our community, and the medical/birth system.